Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: Parakeets

Vid Of The Day: Obama vs. McCain Dance Off

Spectacular. Don't miss the end.

You can thank Regan for this.


CD Of The Day

I gotta buy this.

Commentary from

Though Johnny Cash never spent more than a night in jail, he was often mistakenly believed to be a serious ex-con, and his classic concert at Folsom Prison illustrates why: In January 1968, he and his band (and his wife, June Carter Cash) played for 1,000 prisoners at the California penitentiary, delivering a raw and rollicking show that still feels daring in this deluxe, unedited package.

The two-CD Legacy Edition restores many unreleased tracks from that historic show, including opening remarks nervously delivered by disc jockey Hugh Cherry, and searing performances by Carl Perkins and the Statler Brothers. A second CD presents a previously unheard second show. (It’s every bit as good, and there’s also a documentary DVD that tells the whole behind-the-scenes story.)

But it’s Cash himself who impresses most: Whether singing inappropriate songs (like “Cocaine Blues”), stumbling over his lyrics, or bantering with Folsom’s inmates, he always sounds like he’s among peers — friends, even — and whatever nervousness he might’ve felt doesn’t show.

Buy it here:

Legacy Edition:

Original Edition:

Celebrity Muppet Lookalikes Of The Day

From Begmuffin and TMZ.

Gonzo & Adrien Brody

Sam The Eagle & Brad Garrett

Janice & Donatella Versace

Crazy Harry & Chris Robinson

Big Bird & Queen Elizabeth

Grover & Dustin "Screech" Diamond

Grog & Bruce Vilanch

Miss Piggy & Tori Spelling

Dr. Teeth & Flava Flav

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Al Roker

Grandpa Grouch & Don Imus

Fozzy Bear & Jack Black

Forgetful Jones & Alan Jackson

Bert & Ernie & Kimmel & Corolla

Harvey Kneeslapper & Nick Nolte

The Amazing Mumford & Billy Zane

Capt. Breakfast & Brody Jenner


A late addition from The Courteous Chihuahua, who writes, "He's not a celeb, but I always thought my h.s. principal looked like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew."

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Peter Cetera Sux Week continues with this delight.


"And then along comes a butt blast... there's a change in your pants that you're feeling tonight."

Seriously, how many 80s songs had this same riff? The music sounds almost exactly like "Infatuation" by Rod Stewart and 50 other 80s songs whose names escape me at the moment.

The woman - when she first appeared I thought for a second that it was a young Laura San Giacomo in a blonde wig, but it's not.

Guest List Of The Day: Bad School Mascots

Enjoy this great post from The Virtual Voyeur.

I live in Texas. High school football is big here. We’re friends with a woman who’s husband is the head coach and athletic director at a H.S. football powerhouse here and they are like local celebrities because of it.

So it was no surprise this weekend that one of the bigger H.S.’s game was televised. The hubby was watching it and I was half asleep trying to ignore it.

Suddenly, my head snapped up from the couch. “Did the announcer just say what I think he said?” I ask. The hubby looks at me confused. Then I hear it again. OMG I did hear it right. The Mavericks were about to score one the….. wait for it… the “Unicorns”!

Who the hell picks a high school mascot to be a Unicorn? That has to be the worst mascot ever. But alas, it is not I have found.

I present to you, some of the worst HS mascot names in the USA:

The Poets - Is the pen mightier than the Defensive back? Time shall tell

The Gold Diggers - I Ain’t saying she’s a Gold Digger. Wait, yes I am

The Atom Smashers - Their mascot is a nerd foreclosing on some overweight ex- HS football player’s double wide with his wife and 7 kids crying in the background. As he remembers all the times the jock stuffed him in the locker before gym class.

The Pretzels - Dude, those soft pretzels with the salt could be a hazard if they got in your eyes

The Purples- I don’t even know. I hope their colors are red and blue

The Big Trains -Me like Trains. Me like big trains. Choo Choo. Look! Shiny object!

The Midgets - I thought they liked to be called “little people” now

The Slaters - I wonder if Zack has his own team too?

The Shockers - One for the… well you know where that goes. If you don’t, click here

The Trollers - OMG, this is where BBC trolls come from. A whole school of them!

And, on the same subject, a note I got a while back from Ann P.:

My husband and I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas for a while. One day we passed the Arkansas Schools For The Deaf And Blind (the two schools are right next to one another). The school for the deaf has a football stadium that you can see from the road. As we passed, my husband burst out laughing and pointed out the mascot name shown on the School Of The Deaf's scoreboard: The Leopards. Yes, the Arkansas School Of The Deaf are the deaf leopards. (We then wondered if the school of the blind were the melons, but I digress.) Here's a link to the school's athletics website:

A few more good ones I found on a link provided by The Virtual Voyeur:

Watersmeet High (MI) Nimrods
Lawrence High (KS) Chesty Lions
Yuma High (AZ) Criminals
Minot High (ND) Magicians
Fairbury High (NE) Jeffs
Colon High (MI) Magi
Carlsbad High (NM) Cavemen
Jordan High (UT) Beetdiggers
Cairo (pronounced "kay-roe") High (GA) Syrupmakers
Blooming Prairie High (MN) Awesome Blossoms
Fordson High (MI) Tractors
Johnstown High (OH) Johnnies
Aliquippa High (PA) Quips
Conway High (AR) Wampus Cats
Coventry High (RI) Knotty Oakers
Avon Old Farms (CT) Winged Beavers
Tarpon Springs High (FL) Spongers
Laurel Hill (FL) Hoboes
Madeira (VA) Snails
Man High (WV) Hillbillies
Minden High (NE) Whippets
Paoli High (OK) Pugs
St. Hubert Catholic (PA) Bambies

Update: a photo from Justwinginit, who writes, "I don't know the name of the school, but I'm glad I don't go there."

Furniture Killer Of The Day (vid)

That's gonna leave a mark. On the table.



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