Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Classic Commercial Of The Day: Big Bill Hell's (NSFW)

Ok... well... this is another approach, I suppose.

From Harmony, who thinks this spot will sell lots of cars. Yes, she and I both realize it's been around a while, but too fucking bad.


Divorce Cakes Of The Day

"We're still friends, though."

Thanks, Lola and Mandy, for the funny pics. The last one is the best.

The marriage from Hell?


My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: Her Number

An old one I'd forgotten about. Sometimes it's almost too easy.

DVD Of The Day

One of my favorites.

The Big Lebowski: 10th Anniversary Edition

From VeryShortList.com:

It’s hard to believe that upon its release in 1998, The Big Lebowski wasn’t universally regarded as a masterpiece. (“Disjointed, incoherent, and even irritating,” sniffed the Los Angeles Times’s Kenneth Turan.) But now, as we view it through the haze of history, it’s impossible not to see the film, about an aging stoner’s Raymond Chandler–esque adventures, for what it is: a deceptively shaggy yet almost perfectly plotted comedy.

What endures from the Coen brothers’ transcendently effortless follow-up to the cutesy hit Fargo isn’t just its relentless quotability (“That rug really tied the room together”; “It don’t matter to Jesus!”) but the way that no character, scene, or joke is wasted, and every setup builds to a precise payoff.

Beneath the pot jokes and Busby Berkeley dance sequences, there’s a recurring theme of educated and moneyed elitists’ resenting the movie’s slovenly protagonists.

Though the Coens have been (fairly) accused of pretension over the years, for one film, at least, they clearly wished they were slobs.

A clips mix from YouTube (NSFW - language)

Buy it here:

Limited Edition (Bowling Ball)

Regular 10th Anniv. Edition

HD-DVD Edition

QOTD: A "Do Over"

You get a "do over" for something in your life, be it now or in the past. What would you use it on, if anything?

Stay in school?
Go on that date?
Not take that job?
Marry the other guy?
Choose a different career?
Or maybe something in general.. be more daring? Less impulsive? More confident?


Three 80s Music Videos That Combined Only Cost $343

Who says you need big bucks to make great videos?

Does the post title need commas before and after "combined"? I can't decide. Technically, it does, but sometimes we forego these things for aesthetics.

"Only Time Will Tell" by Asia
Studio rental (1/2 day) = $200
Gymnast (college student/no SAG card) = $0
TVs (from bandmembers' homes) = $0
Lunch (Domino's) = $28

"I Ran" by Flock Of Seagulls
Crew to rotate pedestal throughout song (2 @ $25 + smokes) = $60
Mirrors ($800 purchase but returned the next day) = $0
Aluminum foil (2000 yds) = $75

"Der Kommissar" by Falco
Stock footage of police cars (used without permission/no license fee) = $0
Studio (Falco's basement) = $0
Falco's shades (shoplifted from Chess King) = $0

My thanks to Amber and Sal for suggesting the Falco video.

Store Sign Of The Day

From a UK bra shop, courtesy of Siress Yorkie. I seriously doubt that L is having a laugh. A backache? Yes. A laugh? No.

11 Of The World's Most Disturbing Diseases

Ugh. Most of these would have me looking for a gun to put to my head.

From Maxim.com:

The UN says a surge of infectious diseases—with the potential to kill millions—is imminent. Let's hope it won't be any of these.

We smell trilogy, or maybe that's just curry. Either way, this 11-year-old boy in India is the living Teen Wolf. He doesn't drool as much as you would expect, but the kid is hairier than a Detroit 7-Eleven at 3 A.M. Which reminds us, it's Slurpee time!

Babies grow up so fast these days. Especially babies with this age-hastening disease. Sufferers normally live in fragile, elderly-like, toddler-sized bodies until their demise around the age of 13. It's a short, but very inexpensive life, thanks to Denny's premature senior citizen discount.

Sufferers say they are afflicted by stinging sensations and coarse threads growing beneath and through their skin. Skeptics say it's an urban legend supported by Photoshopped images. Either way, we say keep your Brillo-pad skin the hell away from us!

These scaly skin legions commonly appear on sufferers' hands, giving their digits an ironically mouth-watering chicken finger finish. If you find yourself looking at your own perfectly manicured hands wishing they were breaded, deep-fried and dipped in wing sauce, you're in luck, because—though rare—this delicious disease can strike at any stage of life!

Let's start with the good news: Though commonly filed under a misnomer, necrotizing fasciitis is actually not a flesh-eating disease. Phew! It just attacks skin tissue and muscles by releasing an onslaught of lethal toxins. Appearing after surgery or other traumatic events, the disease begins with inflamed skin, diarrhea, and vomiting and culminates with bulbous lumps, gruesome skin tears, and most likely death. It´s probably worth it for sweet calf implants, though.

The disease is exactly as it sounds: Sufferers—rumors include Jack Nicholson—have a disorder of the glands responsible for secreting saliva and are forced to drink water every time the need to swallow arises. There are lots of jokes that could go here but, c'mon, we're a family site!

Of course you already know about elephantitis. After all, you've seen Phantom of the Opera, like, a thousand times. We just wanted to share this fun photo with you. You're welcome. (For an added treat, here's what elephantitis of the testicles looks like.)

There are picky eaters and then there are pica eaters who'll feast on anything in sight, from dirt to paper to glue to carpet. It´s an insatiable urge, kind of like our desire to get Jessica Alba into a tub full of mayonnaise.

This grotesque sore of bubbly flesh is caused by the bite of infected sand flies. It can be potentially fatal if untreated. It can also induce vomit in all those around you.

While "science," "medicine," and "doctors" have explained Vitiligo as a mild skin condition causing a loss of pigment in sufferers, it's far more valuable to study the empirical evidence provided by poster boy Michael Jackson, who started out an afro-topped black kid in Gary, IN and ended up a white woman in Bahrain. But as long as they're still forcing women to wear veils over there, we won't be plagued by any new mug shots.

What's that pictured above? Why, that is the result of a birth defect in which toes or fingers grow at an extraordinary rate. This monstrosity could come in handy at football games when that damn foam finger seller is nowhere to be found.

Source: Maxim.com


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