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"WTF Is This?" News Story Of The Day

What's next? "Do you have any good liver recipes, Mr. Hopkins?"

Douglas asked about Wall Street crisis

22 minutes ago

Michael Douglas had to field questions Wednesday about the financial turmoil shaking world markets from reporters recalling his role in the 1987 film "Wall Street."

The actor sought to focus on the subject of Wednesday's news conference — urging the United States and eight other holdout nations to ratify a nuclear test ban treaty.

Douglas won an Academy Award for portraying the rapacious banker Gordon Gekko, who popularized the phrase "greed is good" in the movie. After world leaders here condemned the "boundless greed" of world markets, Douglas was asked to compare nuclear Armageddon with the "financial Armageddon on Wall Street."

But the likening to Gekko did not end there, with a reporter asking: "Are you saying Gordon that greed is not good?" "I'm not saying that," Douglas replied. "And my name is not Gordon. He's a character I played 20 years ago."

Douglas, who married actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2000, has won two Oscars — as a producer for 1975's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and as best actor for his role in "Wall Street."

Painted Cats Of The Day

Funny but fake, of course. You try painting a cat.

From Rebecca and the spoof art book, Why Paint Cats: A Theory Of Feline Aesthetics. I gave a few of them names. Feel free to add your own.

Catriona Felina McTavish

Monsieur Le Chat Grincheux

Mewsette O'Cappella

Kitsy Ross

Happycat, official mascot of Effexor

Cata Hari

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Vid Of The Day: Put Your Kid In HSM3

A fun link from JibJab. My daughter loved this despite my poor cropping skills. Follow the link at the end of the video to do your own. There are several different choices; you don't have to dance with Troy.

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Crank Call Of The Day (NSFW)

Hilarity from Sherry in Birmingham. This made me laugh hard.

"You from the tribe. Run your ass down here!"

Click here to listen (NSFW - language)

TV's Hottest Sitcom Moms

TV's hottest sitcom moms, in no particular order. My favorites are Erin Gray, Patricia Heaton, and, of course, Florence Henderson as Carol Brady.

Full House (1987-1995)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother figure for the Tanner girls before having twins in Season 5.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Loughlin has two daughters, 8 and 9.
Trivia: Was first choice for the lead role in The Blue Lagoon (1980), but turned it down.

CAROL BRADY (Florence Henderson)
The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother to three girls of her own, Carol doubled her offspring when she married Mike Brady. You try raising six kids with a smile.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Henderson has four grown children.
Trivia: While filming The Brady Bunch in L.A., flew home to New York every weekend to be with her family.

My Name is Earl (2005-present)

TV Mom Credentials: Earl's ex-wife, mother to Dodge and Earl Jr. Neither kid is Earl's.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Just gave birth last year to her first child, a son.
Trivia: Was scheduled to take one of the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11, but changed her reservation at the last minute.

Bewitched (1964-1972)

TV Mom Credentials: Mom to Tabitha and, later, Adam. Endured a meddling mother, nosy neighbors, assorted kooky relatives, and a husband who inexplicably became another guy midway through the series.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Mother to three grown children
Trivia: Montgomery died of cancer in 1995.

WANDA McCULLOUGH (Kellita Smith)
The Bernie Mac Show (2001-2006)

TV Mom Credentials: While technically not a mother, Wanda (with Bernie) serves as parental guardian for her sister-in-law's three kids.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: No kids.
Trivia: Beat out Robin Givens for the role of Wanda.

LILY MUNSTER (Yvonne De Carlo)
The Munsters (1964-1966)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother to werewolf-boy Eddie.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Two grown sons.
Trivia: Took the role of Lily Munster to help pay the medical bills of her husband, stuntman Bob Morgan, who suffered near-fatal injuries in 1962 while filming How The West Was Won. De Carlo died in 2007.

DEBRA BARONE (Patricia Heaton)
Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother of twin sons and one daughter.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Has four (count 'em!) sons under 14.
Trivia: Ray Romano said that one reason Heaton got the part in Raymond was because she was the only actress willing to kiss him during auditions.

Silver Spoons (1982-1986)

TV Mom Credentials: Became Ricky Stratton's stepmom when she married his father in season 3.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Has a grown son and a teenage daughter.
Trivia: Was one of the final candidates to play Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, but the role went to Kate Mulgrew.

MAGGIE SEAVER (Joanna Kerns)
Growing Pains (1986-1992)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother to Mike, Carol, Ben, and later, Chrissy, while working full-time as a journalist.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Has one grown daughter.
Trivia: Tried out for the 1968 Olympics in gymnastics. Now a TV director with episodes of E.R., Medium, Scrubs and Ghost Whisperer among her credits. Appeared in last year's Knocked Up.

DAPHNE MOON (Jane Leeves)
Frasier (1993-2004)

TV Mom Credentials: Became a mother in the final season after marrying Niles.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Leeves has a son, 4, and a daughter, 7.
Trivia: Leeves plays a tourist in David Lee Roth's "California Girls" video (1985).

JORDAN SULLIVAN (Christa Miller)
Scrubs (2001-present)

TV Mom Credentials: Ex-wife of Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley), has two kids on the show.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Mother of three kids, ages 8, 5 and 1.
Trivia: Started modeling as a teen, and was on the cover of the first issue of Maxim magazine. Her husband, Bill Lawrence, is creator of Scrubs.

LAURA PETRIE (Mary Tyler Moore)
The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-66)

TV Mom Credentials: Mother to one son, Ritchie, throughout the series.
Real-Life Mom Credentials: One son, also named Richie, who died in 1980 from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound. Moore was also stepmother to two sons of her second husband, Grant Tinker.
Trivia: A small controversy occurred because of Moore wearing Capri pants on the show. Up until the show's premiere most housewives were seen in dresses, but Moore's explanation was that most of the housewives she knew wore pants. Because of Moore, Capri pants became a huge fashion craze in the early 1960s. (

NANCY BOTWIN (Mary Louise Parker)
Weeds (2005-present)

TV Mom Credentials: Two sons, Silas and Shane
Real-Life Mom Credentials: Parker has a 4-year-old son with former boyfriend Billy Crudup, and adopted an infant daughter, Ash, from Ethiopia in 2007.
Trivia: Was engaged to co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Judah Botwin) but broke off the engagement earlier this year.


Megyn Price (Grounded For Life)

Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show)

Carolyn Jones (The Addams Family)

Leah Remini (The King Of Queens)

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