Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Class Photo Of The Day

Found this in the attic when I found the literary magazines. Ah, 1974-75... gotta love the clothes. We were stylin'.

That teacher was a mean hag. I couldn't stand him.

"Lost" Update: Casting

It's not much, but some of us are hungry for any tidbits about our favorite show until it returns next year. From

Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof tell EW they’ve just completed casting of two major new characters joining their saga next year.

Last week, Michael Ausiello reported the addition of New Amsterdam alum Zuleikha Robinson. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Saïd Taghmaoui, a French thesp most recently seen in the Don Cheadle thriller Traitor. He’ll play Caesar, a mystery man, that’s all we got. But the producers say the actor’s skill set fits the part.

“He has an innate intelligence, intensity, and danger we really responded to,” says Lindelof, who declined to specify whether Caesar is good or bad. However, Cuse teases that the character will be playing “an important part of the setup for the final act of the show in season 6."

He also confirms that Robinson’s Ilana is associated with Caesar, and likens her to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. “There was something very unsettling about the way the Joker kept telling different stories about his background -- something very similar to what we had planned for Ilana,” he says.

Look for a delayed introduction for the duo, beginning with an intriguing setup followed by a gradual increase in screen time that won't detract from established faves, much like how season 4’s newbies, the Freighter Folk (Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Ken Leung, Jeff Fahey), were worked into the mix. (The producers say we’ll be seeing more of the FF next year, too — even Fahey, last seen escaping the Island with the Oceanic 6).

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

We loved this show when I was a kid. Of course, my favorite part was the ladies swimming (naked, I hoped) in the water tower, although it always troubled me a bit that they were doing so in the hotel's water supply. Perversion and OCD start early in some children.


Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Free Ball Sack/Teebag

It's a shame how nasty some people are. I'm outraged.

best of craigslist > denver > FREE BALLSACK/TEEBAG!!!!


Date: 2008-08-21, 8:04PM MDT

YES, you could be the proud new owner of this magnificent piece of equipment!! it is a sovrano brand ball and tee carryall. this brand new, never used piece comes complete with 13 tees, 2 balls and a protective cloth bag. there is a bag on the side for your tees, and a nice perky sack for your balls!

i would like to keep this for myself but i already have one and must remain faithful to it. thank you for your interest and have a good day

Signs Of The Day

LOTD reader Brigitta pointed me to Roadside America's collection of great signs. Here are a few of my favorites. Lots more at their website.

Yep, you sure are.

With nuts!

Stop here on the way to your Waffle House wedding

"Sandwich Artists" are NOT losers

That's almost unfair to the competition

Welcome to Applebee's

Yep, that's about right...give or take a year.

Just in time for Valentine's Day

Especially the ones floating in the toilet

Join us on Wednesdays for our weekly pastor's lunch, "Munching With Katt."

Always a delightful 98.6 degrees

No fair. The fast ones are too hard to hit.

Have you ever seen fish on a train? Me neither.

Ever get the feeling you're not wanted?

Vid Of The Day: World's Worst Weatherman

From Stephaknee, who recommended this after seeing yesterday's sportscaster. If you felt bad for Brian, Louis will make you cry.

At first I wasn't going to run this because I thought he had a stutter, but I don't think that's the case. He's just hopelessly inept and frazzled, the poor bastard.
So let's all laugh at him. See you in Hell.



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