Friday, June 13, 2008

Vid Of The Day: BTM - Eddie Murphy

After seeing the vid for "Party All The Time," LOTD reader Josh sent this Mad TV clip. And what a beautiful clip it is.


Typos Of The Day

I love a good typo, don't yuo?

The antlers were the worst part, Tyler said later.

Please move to the sidewalk to ejaculate.

Get the hell away from me, Mom! Fssssssssss!

Hey Pepe, got any plans Friday night?

Go Chefs

Assfisting is what attorneys do best, no?

Now you know why Shirley is smiling.

Auto mechanic Michael Duplessis filed a lawsuit in April 2005 claiming that tattoo artist Sam Hacker inked "Chi-tonw" on his chest where he had asked for "Chi-town"

Just relax. You'll hear a slight "pock" sound, but don't be alarmed.

A classic

My "draem" is that stupid people spend more time in school and less time on the streets with signs.

Every detal indeed.

Nuh uh, you gotta pay me for that.

Time Waster Of The Day

Festival Pro, a game/promotion sent in by Neil at Cake. Harder than it looks. I like the music.

Check it out!

Classic Music Video Of The Day

It's a real shame that Eddie and Rick didn't work together more, because this is magic.


Seriously... 47 people in the goddamn studio and this is the best they could come up with? And look at Eddie strutting in... such a bad ass. Now he's wearing fat suits and making kid movies that most kids won't even watch.

Movie Of The Day: Night Of The Lepus

LOTD reader Audra wants to introduce you to a movie you might not be familiar with. Night Of The Lepus (1972) is a terrifying film about mutant rabbits -- yes, rabbits -- that terrorize a small town. It's a true horror classic starring Rory Calhoun, Janet Leigh, Stuart Whitman and the great DeForest "Bones McCoy" Kelley.

Have a look.... if you dare. This is pretty horrific stuff.

The original trailer...

The local spinster gets it...

Fighting back

He's a great shot, isn't he? I didn't think he'd ever hit one. But then, moving targets are hard. Even when they move in slo-mo and are the size of a house.

Sheer terror

Read a review HERE

Buy it here...

9 Actors Who Imitate Other Actors


Viggo Mortensen
Movie: G.I. Jane
Mimics: Christopher Walken

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself…" For years, Hollywood has blown out its birthday candles wishing for an actor who looked like Ed Harris but sounded like Christopher Walken. Viggo's performance as Master Chief Urgayle was so Walken-ian, he could have (a la Pulp Fiction) held a gold wristwatch in front of Demi Moore's face and told her, "I kept this uncomfortable hunk of metal up my ass two years," and you wouldn't have flinched.

Christian Slater
Movie: Heathers
Mimics: Jack Nicholson

Really, this one's a lifetime achievement award. Christian's been playing Lil' Jack his entire career, but nowhere is it more on the nose than in Heathers. The eyebrows, the wry, smirking delivery, the constant hanging around cheerleaders—it's Jack through and through. Why these two have never played father and son, we can't figure. Maybe 'cause Jack would have stepped on set like his Departed mob boss, said, "Knock it off, kid," and Christian's career would have ended much sooner.

Renée Zellweger
Movie: Cinderella Man
Mimics: Betty Boop

Someone should have beefed up Renée's 1930s research materials with something other than old cartoons. Her helium-pitched New Yawk accent didn't reflect a single human being who lived through the Depression, but it was a dead-on impression of the balloon-headed 2-D tramp Boop. For that matter, someone should have told Ron Howard that Max Baer actually didn't eat babies and shoot puppies in between rounds. Might have made a difference.

Ben Affleck
Movie: Boiler Room
Mimics: Alec Baldwin

Remember Bugsy Malone, that movie where there was a bunch of little kids acting like tough gangsters? Well, since Boiler Room was a pre-K version of Glengarry Glen Ross, it's no wonder Affleck delivers a watered-down, pre-pubescent version of Baldwin's classic castrating sales lecture. Affleck's about as intimidating as a male nurse, so the effect is, let's say, less intense than the stare-down from Alec's Blake. Hey, Ben, put that coffee down.

For the rest, see the full article on


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