Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Graphs Of The Day

From Kate and Keva. All courtesy of


April Sponsor Roundup

Last month's Sponsor Of The Day products.

Richie Sambora action figure, from

Betty Boop rubber duckie, from Celebriducks

Limited Edition Darth Vader golf bag, from Bridgestone Sports

Elderly Tattoos, from Perpetual Kid

Tic Tac Toast, from Perpetual Kid

Beef bandages, from

Ear-Ring key ring, from

Beer Belt, from

Giant Push Pins, from Baron Bob

Mean Girl lunchbox, from

Sipsac cooling beer bag, from Sipsac


Answer Me Jesus, from

Two-Headed Baby, from

USB Beverage Warmer, from Vat 19

Shower Microphone Sponge, from Perpetual Kid

Pirate Wench blouse, from To Be A Pirate

USB Turntable, from

Underwater Disco Lights, from

Wine Rack covert beverage bra, from

Cock Soup, wherever fine foods that sound like genitalia are sold.

Banana Guard, from

Truck Nutz, from

Guitar Toilet Handle, from What On Earth

Bigfoot action figure, from

Penis Flashlight, from

Vid Of The Day: Crazy Women

From Chris Rock's "Bring The Pain," one of the funniest comedy concerts I've ever seen.

Not safe for work. Not at all.

14 Guys Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

From, which has hundreds more of these. Many thanks to Tracey for the link.

Undertaker Kenny

Hot Tub Kenny

Kenny Feathers

No Lip Kenny

Kenny Gotta Pee

See No Kenny

Soft Hair Kenny

Black Velvet Kenny

Conductor Kenny

Smooth Kenny

Sun God Kenny

Freaky Dog Twin Kenny

Groovy Mesh Tank Top Kenny

Kini Raja

And one guy who doesn't...


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