Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vid Of The Day: A Dangerous Job

A montage of great moments in news reporting from my pal Blong, who shares my love of Nu-Way hot dogs and Fincher's Barbecue in Macon, Ga. Many of these we've all seen, but the montage gives them added hilarity.

I think some of these people might truly be dead.*

* not really, or I wouldn't post this

Bad Album Covers Of The Day

Check out the blog of FOLOTD Cheastypants for a look at some of the worst album covers of all time. You might have seen them before -- they've been floating around the web for a while -- but her commentary adds a giggle.

And here are a few she did not include:

You better pray that Chris Farley's brother there in the middle isn't the Stuffer

Kiss what?

Wait.. don't you really have to see a ventriloquist?

Ol' Chameleon Eyes himself...

Bull. Shit. The only requests Ken ever got were "Shut the fuck up!" and "Get off the goddamn stage!"

I liked him better dead. Nice Sansabelts (R) though.

All of them stoned and smelling of flop-sweat

A.k.a. Stone Temple Pilots

AC/DC called. They want their logo back.

Comes with a bucket of Extra Crappy

Not the guy to confess your sins to.

"Wait, Ethel, you forgot your cowboy hat."

Commercial Of The Day: Starbucks

Who remembers this one? Still makes me laugh.


Vid Of The Day: CCR Lyrics

What Creedence was really saying in the song, "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." Good stuff from Liz and Sharon.


Chindogu Of The Day

Chindōgu is Japanese for the practice of turning everyday items into clever new gadgets, but gadgets that cause more problems or inconveniences than they solve. Chindōgu are sometimes described as "unuseless" –- neither completely useless nor completely useful.

From Blong, Keva and Bubbasmom, many from TheNonist.

Portable office tie

Solar-powered lighter

Umbrella head band

Vertigo soothing glasses

Hay fever hat

Noodle-eater's hair guard

Personal rain saver

Full body umbrella

Pillow mate

Shoe umbrellas

Standing sleep strap

Hot noodle cooler

Suctioned sleeping hat

Butter stick

10-in-1 gardening tool

360-degree panoramic camera

Cockroach swatting slippers

Detachable tooth covers

Baby onesie mop

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