Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Best Car Commercial Ever

Did I say ever? Good. I meant ever.

I had a Pathfinder once. Hated it. But I don't hate this ad.

Vid Of The Day: Halloween To Die For

One in a series of Halloween pieces I did for TBS years ago, starring actor/comedian Taylor Negron as a deranged gravedigger who intros (tired old) movies showing on Halloween. We shot twelve pieces in one day.. started in the dark and finished in the dark... but it was a blast, and Taylor is a hoot. He didn't even change my scripts very much, just added the right ad-lib touches here and there.

March Engrish Roundup

The month in Engrish. All pics from Engrish.com.


Bad Commercial Of The Day

I thought surely this was a fake until I looked it up. Yep, it's real. Good stuff from the legendary Steve Hatchett, who loves a good toothpick.

March Mugshot Roundup

Our monthly perp parade in review. We can only hope that each of these citizens learned a valuable lesson from his/her incarceration.

All photos from The Smoking Gun.


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