Monday, March 17, 2008

Video Of The Day: What Teachers Make

I've posted this before but it deserves a replay. I love this guy (teacher and slam poet, Taylor Mali) and I love this video.

Actors Gone To Seed

Everyone likes to hate on actresses who get old and fat, but you never hear much about celebrity men who do the same damn thing. Amanda, Dr. Toni and Nancy in New Mexico want to change that, so they sent me these pics. I suddenly feel a lot better about myself.

Val "Iceman" Kilmer has just signed on to star in the remake of The Hindenburg. As the Hindenburg.

The Governator, Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, whose gut now looks like the face of one of those talking trees in The Wizard Of Oz. Who knows what Arnold says when he leaves the buffet line with a plateful of food? C'mon, it's easy. First one to get the answer wins a prize.

Clint Eastwood. In all the confusion, he can't remember if he ate six Viagras or only five. (That's a movie reference - name it and you win a prize).

John Travolta, working on his diet. I bet that's not a Curves bar.

Pierce Brosnan, looking more like James Brown than James Bond.

Roger Moore. Ok, the dude is like 97. Let's cut him some slack. But I do hope he put some sunscreen on the top of his head.

Dick Gere. I bet his longtime gerbil companion appreciates the spacious new digs.

Rod Stewart - Jesus H. Christ, man. They should not sell Speedos to anyone over 65. Actually, they shouldn't sell Speedos to anyone under 65, either.

Update: Melissa wrote to say I forgot someone. Egads. Heeeeeeeeere's Jabba!


Vid Of The Day: Love That Chair

From Harmony, who has sisters named Melody and Cacophony. Guess which one is the outcast?

Video Of The Day: Dancing Walrus

Shake it, fatty. From TheMovieGuru.

Your Top Fives

A rerun from the early days of LOTD... send yours to and I'll do a new list.

I asked and you delivered. Your top fives, plus a "shocker" if you have one.

Elizabeth (GA)

Denzel Washington
Keanu Reeves
Jeff Bridges
Jack Black
Will Ferrell

(Re: Jack and Will: "It's their humor. Even though they play the goofball, they are both very smart about it, and I love that.")

Steve Hatchett

Hayden Panettiere
(circa 2000)

Christina Ricci
(circa 1998)

Alyssa Milano
(circa 1992)

Lisa Rinna
: "I don't know why. Must be something about her grotesquely modified face."


Joel McHale (The Soup)
Vincent D'Onofrio

George Clooney


Seth Green

(Says Mie, "You can pick which one is the shocker.")


Matthew McConaughey
David Beckham
Blair Underwood
Jon Krasinski (The Office)
Jared Leto (the My So-Called Life version, not the current version).
Shocker: Kid Rock

Brian W.

Scarlett Johansson
Penelope Cruz

Jennifer Garner

Liz Hurley

Michelle Pfeiffer

The Movie Guru

Salma Hayek
Ashley Judd

Katherine Heigl

Isla Fisher

Keira Knightley

Shocker = Bernadette Peters


Keifer Sutherland x 5.
Shocker: Buck Owens


Shocker = Jeff Goldblum


Samantha Brown
from Travel Channel

Liz Phair
Jenna Fischer

Anna Kournikova
(Yeah, still)

Tina Fey

Shocker - Sandra Bernhard


Josh Hartnett
Carter Oosterhouse
: "The builder guy that used to be on Trading Spaces. He's also made several guest appearances on The Today Show."

Matthew Fox

Orlando Bloom
: "Tiny but sexy"

Johnny Depp


Scarlett Johansson: "Honey. Glazed. Donuts."
Kate Beckinsale
: "Can she act? Who cares."

Gina Gershon
- "45 never looked so good."

Jessica Alba
- "That caboose should be against the law."

Zuleikha Robinson
- "If you saw her in HBO’s Rome, you know why."


Cillian Murphy (I think he's just dreamy, excuse me while I gush...)
Jude Law

Christian Bale
(do you think I like guys with accents? ;)

Brad Pitt

Vincent D'Onofrio


Kate Winslet
Monica Bellucci

Marisa Tomei

Catherine McCormack

Erika Christensen

Shocker = The MILF-tastic Jean Smart


Benjamin Bratt
Ty Pennington

Andy Garcia

Clive Owen

Adrian Grenier

Shocker = John C. Reilly ("he makes me laugh")


Angeline Jolie

Natalie Portman
Megan Fox

Uma Thurman

Eva Longoria

Shocker: Wendy Crewson ("She's one of those supporting actors you always see in movies but no one knows who she is. She's older but I've always liked her.) (great choice, billbo. I like Wendy too)


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