Monday, February 4, 2008

Guest List: Follow The Yellow Brick Driveway

Faithful reader You Know My Name sends these fine pics with this message: "A few months ago when I was helping my sister look for a house to buy, we found this gem of a neighborhood. Enjoy the Tropical Skittles paint jobs!"

All I can say is, "Surrender, Dorothy!"

If I lived in a mobile home, I would want to hide that fact, not advertise it.

The Pink Panther's home

"Handyman special"

Rerun Of The Day: When Actors Sing...

... dogs howl and children scream.

Click a pic to hear what each of these goblins foisted upon the public without warning or provocation.

John Travolta
says "Let Her In." But for god's sake don't let him into the recording booth again. Ever.

Eddie Murphy
wants to "Party All The Time," and we want that, too, because as long as he is partying, he won't be singing.

Patrick Swayze
- I don't understand this song. I think it's about a chick with bad breath and/or gas.

Hulk Hogan - "When The Hulkster Gets To Heaven," the doors will be locked. "I used to tear my shirt/Now you've torn my heart."

Ted Knight - "Hi Guys." And this was the best song on the album. The first time I heard it, I nearly peed myself. But then, I'd had about 17 beers at the time.

Mr. T - "The Toughest Man in The World" is the one who took T's microphone away after this song.

Don Johnson - the album cover tells you everything you need to know.

Someone let Engrish-mangler Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize sing "Why Do People Have To Fight?" Why do people have to sing?

David "Hutch" Soul
- "Don't Give Up On Us" was actually a radio hit in the 70s. That tells you how slim the pickins' really were. Dave still has his looks, though.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage
- bitch-slaps the Hulk in song. Because he's so much cooler.

Chris "Corky" Burke
- who allowed this? Seriously. The sad part is, he's actually better than the dorks helping him.

Craptastic 80s Music Video Of The Day

From TheMovieGuru, who says, "They should keep the makeup on."

January Mugshot Roundup

A review of last month's parade of perpetrators.

Mr. Magoo

"I got the power!"

How's Gomer?

No, it's mug shot. Mug.

Wasn't he in Def Leppard?

"Take the got-damn picture. I ain't got all day."

Something in Randolph changed after Gettysburg

Yes, you are. For about 30 days.

Anyone got scissors?

Welcome to Looneyville. Population: Clyde.

Busted for trying to pick up some ho-ho-ho's

You can't turn a blind eye to crime

Todd Bridges busted again

Mrs. Robinson



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