Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holy crap!

Our little blog is growing, friends. Fresh off a weekend where the Olan Mills post made the front page of Digg and MetaFilter, I just discovered THIS (check out #1 on the list).


Thanks, everyone, for your support. I'll keep doing my best to make this blog worth your time.

The Drunk Girls of MySpace and Facebook


And important lessons we can learn from them

A photo essay from yours truly on

Video Of The Day 2: Classy Kid

They grow up so fast, don't they?


Video Of The Day - Dad's Christmas Surprise

The video is raw and disjointed, but you won't mind when you see what it's about. If this doesn't tug at your heartstrings, check for a pulse. Many thanks to Tyler at Building Camelot for the video link. Read the story here. Nice.

Craziest Chicks of 2007

From Maxim.

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Daytime´s number two televesbian violated her adoption agreement when she tried to regift the terrier she got from Mutts & Moms. So the rescue group took it back, causing Ellen to snap into her own private Vietnam on live TV. Imagine the public bawling when heterosexuality comes to take back Portia de Rossi.

4. Liz Taylor
Watch this video, and you too will be speechless.

3. Chris Crocker

This quasi-sexual´s career got its jump start after a viral video hit the Web featuring him hysterically begging the public to "leave Britney alone!" Yeah, 'cause Britney needs someone more bat shit than she is stepping to her defense.

2. Amy Winehouse

We've taken a lot of shots at Wine-o, but after the year she´s had — three minutes in rehab, on- and off-stage escapades with coke, and bloody fights with her husband — the woman left us no frigging choice.

1. Lisa Marie Nowak

This astronaut reportedly wore diapers to avoid pit stops during her breakneck drive from Houston to Orlando, where prosecutors say she attempted to kidnap the girlfriend of a former coworker. Lab tests of the soiled undergarments found in her car by investigators revealed digested Tang and dehydrated ice cream. (Uhh, what exactly made them need to test her "soiled undergarments"?)


Ms. Nuttier-Than-Squirrel-Shit


Vanessa "High School Cooze-ical" Hudgens


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