Friday, November 9, 2007

Movie Trailer Of The Day

No Country For Old Men, the latest film from the Coen brothers (Fargo, Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski). I can't wait to see this; looks very Fargo-ish, and I love that movie, even though it is very violent (as this one looks, too).

The coin-toss guy is acclaimed Spanish actor Javier Bardem. You might remember him from Collateral: he was the drug lord that Jamie Foxx had to go see at the club after destroying Tom Cruise's computer. Bardem nearly stole the movie with that intense scene.

The movie comes out today.


"WTF Is This?!" Video of the Day

If you've ever wondered whether or not there will be TV in Hell, wonder no more. This one will play on a continuous loop in every room.

I guess that of all the celebs on NBC shitcoms at the time, these were the ones who needed money the most.


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