Thursday, August 23, 2007

Headline of The Day

NFL reporting brisk sales of Michael Vick's 2008 jersey.

courtesy of The Onion

Comedy Video of The Day

Wanda Sykes makes me laugh. This is a bit from her HBO special, "Sick and Tired," where she discusses the pressure of having a vagina. Rated R, of course.

What They Wanted To Be

Early career aspirations of famous people. A great list from Tom K. and Eddie D., whose names sound like characters from a Bruce Springsteen song.

Tobey Maguire - chef

Groucho Mark - doctor

Tom Cruise - priest

Babe Ruth - tailor

Marilyn Monroe - teacher

Adolf Hitler - abbot

Jerry Lewis - writer

Alec Baldwin - lawyer

Lance Bass - as(s)tronaut (he passed the NASA exams)

Jennifer Lopez - hairstylist

George Lucas - race car driver

Dustin Hoffman - concert pianist

Angelina Jolie - funeral director (?!)

Paul McCartney - teacher

Whitney Houston - veterinarian

George Clooney - professional baseball player (he tried out for the Cincinnati Reds)

Forest Whitaker - classical tenor

Morgan Freeman - fighter pilot

Ringo Starr - cowboy

Agatha Christie - professional musician

Julia Roberts - veterinarian

Eminem - comic book artist

Fidel Castro - professional baseball player


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