Friday, May 18, 2007

Best. Tattoos. Ever.

Further proof that our gene pool has been hopelessly and irreversibly contaminated.

(Don't scroll down if you are troubled by nudity, either real or illustrated.)


He had room for one more, so I helped.

Kiss your sex life goodbye, honey.

I think someone just did.

A Liger. Bred for its skills in magic.

"Come play with us, Danny. Forever. And ever. And ever."

Some dads just buy a sportscar during the midlife crisis.

"Nude Ascending a Maize Dog"

Go ahead. Say something to him about his tat.

Early rejected draft of the Hooter's logo

They're gonna love him in prison

Remembering Count Kevin.

How much you wanna bet Ryan Nicholas has a baby mullet and a tail?

You gotta ask yourself a question. Where's the john?

Someone didn't share the road

They are half right

Not everyone appreciated Gunnar's new tattoo.


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