Friday, April 13, 2007

LOTD: T-shirts that make me laugh

Images are links

More good ones from mi amiga Miellyn....

In my junk mail folder

"Asian shemales playing" - As tempting as this is, I'm going to pass.

"Give your wife something to work with"
- Good idea. She really wants a miter saw. Seriously.

"Claim your Olive Garden gift card NOW"
- hold me back!

"Coed in glasses gets f*cked while riding on top of c*ck"
- From the Department of Redundancy Department

"You are very beautiful, carymc!"
- Finally! Someone sees it.

"Japanese gal having the blowjob"
- All your base are belong to us.

"Couple poking action"
- I'm seeing fireplace tools.

"Which pack of cigarettes do you prefer?"
- The pack that is smoked as far away from me as possible

"Someone wants to date you"
- I get this one every day, so I either have a fan club or a stalker.

"$1000 Target gift card for carymc"
- Now you're talking...

"Bionic fish finder finds the fish for you"
- Because the sound of a bionic fish is unmistakable.

"A pizza lover babe f*cked by two delivery man"
- After she ate her pizza, of course. I mean, if she's truly a pizza lover babe and not another faker.

"3 FREE bottles of MAN XL"
- Man XL = Budweiser

"Notice: 3 days 2 nights in Las Vegas is pending"
- Pending your not being dead, broke or in jail after the first night.

"Rough sex for nice granny"
- But Granny likes it rough.

"Carymc find an easy lay tonight"
- Right. I can't even get an easy lay in my own house.

"Win a 58" HDTV from Xerox"
- I bet the ink cartridges for that are sky high.


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